Mark Muhhin, Raimond Tunnel, Daniel Nael

Evolution of Video Games is a 3 ECTS online course created for a Master’s thesis that covers various topics related to the field of video games in a compact manner. The course’s duration is 10 weeks long and each week focuses on a specific topic. These topics are taught with the use of educational videos, interesting reading material and various assignments. The aim of the course is to provide a historical overview of the development of video games, their innovative changes, marketing and more. This course is suitable for future game developers and video game enthusiasts.

What is a Video Game?
First Video Games, First Gameplays
Video Game Genres and Target Audiences
Video Game Lifespan
Evolution of Controller
Video Game Marketing
Video Game Dematerialization
Video Games: User Experience
Computer Games: 3D Graphics
Mobile Games

1. Regular tasks – ranging from playing old retro games to creating a game design document.
2. Debate – online debate in teams on various video games related topics.
3. Moodle tests – automatic Moodle tests for quick evaluation of your knowledge.
4. Studying game – a visual novel/quiz type game that happens in a virtual environment which was designed based on the LVLup! video game museum.

A studying game was developed for this course, which made it possible to learn and revise the course's material in a playful way. The students would be able to tour around a virtual environment designed based on the LVLup! video game museum with the help of a software called Marzipano. The mission is to explore and gain points by playing a quiz/visual novel type game where the students have to talk to various in-game characters and collect different objects. Inside the game it is also possible to read the material and watch videos created for this course. All points that are earned through correctly answering the in-game characters are automatically synchronized with Moodle by using LTI.

The game is available only for the participants of the course. If you need to access the game, the source code or course Moodle then send message to